New Jaw Crusher

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New Jaw Crusher

New jaw crusher automatic refueling multi-point lubrication

The jaw crusher is mainly used for initial breakage and is widely used in various industries. When the motor drives the pulley and the eccentric shaft that is fixed with it, the drive is used to make a plane complex movement, using the movement and the fixed The relative motion between the two achieves the material crusher.

The new type of jaw crusher we produce has the advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple structure, easy manufacture, low operating cost, and maintenance. Therefore, it is a widely used crusher. With the increase of open-pit mining, especially the “less grinding and more broken” process, a new type of equipment jaw crusher has emerged in the direction of large-scale and high-productivity development. This kind of smashing has high quality, high yield and low The characteristics of cost and low energy consumption.

Automatic oil supply

Generally, the E-break is greased or manually lubricated. The grease is usually replaced once every 3-6 months. When replacing, the rolling bearing needs to be cleaned; the manual lubrication is applied with oil gun, usually 3-5 days. In response to this, we use the automatic refueling multi-point lubrication system, which consists of an oil pump, an oil pipe and a control system. It automatically supplies oil according to the actual needs of the lubrication parts such as broken bearings. This system is convenient and practical, eliminating the need for The inconvenience and trouble of manual refueling.

Saving energy

The jaw crusher is started by the fluid coupling, which can shorten the motor starting time, improve the starting performance, reduce the starting average current, improve the starting ability of the motor, thus protecting the motor and the impact on the power grid, and saving energy. If the new type is broken, the oil pump oil supply system is adopted. The hydraulic coupling can also start the oil pump motor and the smashing motor in sequence. The hydraulic coupling is used to drive the oil pump motor first, and then the rupture motor is started after a certain period of time. The new smashing motor is started once, and the whole starting process is smooth and orderly without vibration, which solves the problem of the order of the two motor drive smashing and saves energy.

Improved Design

Generally, the installation and maintenance of smashing are very inconvenient, the load changes are relatively large, and the working environment conditions are bad. With the development of the times, the requirements for all aspects of the machine are correspondingly improved, and we improve the reliability and applicability of the machine. It has been designed and improved in several aspects, such as suitable disassembly and assembly. It not only makes the jaw crusher easy to assemble and maintain, but also feasible, simple and practical, and improves the life and reliability of large-scale smashing equipment.


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