Heavy Hammer Crusher

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Heavy Hammer Crusher

At present, the crushing stone production process configuration commonly used in the market is mainly the jaw crusher counter-crushing mechanism sand machine, etc. This crushing stone production process scheme has a good advantage in production capacity and sandstone product scale, but the investment is very good. Large and costly, it cannot meet the needs of SMEs.

In response to this situation, the sandstone production line equipment is the main research object, and the new thinking mode is broken. Through the technological innovation, a new hammer crusher, that is, a heavy hammer crusher, which can replace the traditional gravel scheme, has been successfully developed. The heavy hammer crusher can be used for one break, can be used for two breaks, and can also realize one-shot single-machine crushing, which truly reflects the advantage of “one machine multi-purpose”, which is very suitable for the crushing of medium hardness limestone, granite and other materials. It can reduce the investment cost of 30~40% in the production of sand, and realize the small investment and quick effect.

According to the technical personnel, the heavy hammer crusher combines the advantages of a single-stage hammer crusher and a counter-crusher, that is, adopts the structure and shape of the impact crusher, and selects the hammer crusher in the design of the crusher rotor. The rotor form makes the hammer of the crusher rotate around the hammer shaft, which greatly increases the productivity and stability of the equipment; and the cost is low, which is especially suitable for the large-scale crushing production requirements of the stone crushing plant.

We produce heavy hammer with better performance and higher productivity. The product has the following five characteristics:

  1. 1. High output, large crushing ratio, one-time forming, yielding stone grain type standard, more polygons, less needle-shaped, low stone powder;
  2. 2, low energy consumption, energy saving, more than 50% energy saving than the same industry, the average production of 1 ton of stone material in the entire production line requires low power consumption;
  3. 3, the equipment is simple to operate, easy to maintain, improve the labor intensity of workers, the production of sand production line only requires two people;
  4. 4. Through the automatic control system, the whole process of the production line is automatically controlled, and the feeding machine automatically feeds, avoiding the card machine caused by too much feeding;
  5. 5. The rotor of the crusher has strong stability, reduces the number of hammers and reduces the production cost. The matching hammer of the big gold tooth crusher is more wear-resistant.

The development of infrastructure has brought great demand to the heavy hammer crusher, and it has also brought changes to the entire crusher industry. The development of the industry requires that the hammer crusher must be upgraded, otherwise it will not be busy to meet the increasingly strict construction requirements, the crusher replacement is inevitable, this will be an opportunity to develop crushers. The heavy hammer crusher has also undergone several transformations and updates, showing a good development momentum on the road of specialization and high efficiency, and is well received by the mining machinery industry.


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